The Ervin Consulting Group


  • Multi-Stakeholder Mediation and Facilitation
  • Participatory Action Research
  • Environmental Peacebuilding
  • Democracy, Governance and Human Rights
  • Training
    • Facilitation
    • Conflict Resolution
    • Multi-Stakeholder mediation/facilitation
    • Emergent Peacebuilding Design for community based projects

ECG International serves a range of clients that share our commitment to community empowerment through capacity development and participatory action.  Our approach draws from deep experience in environmental sustainability, conflict resolution, community development, and local governance.  We provide a range of peacebuilding, research and conflict resolution services that support indigenous and community groups in discovering their power to bring positive social change.



ECG brings over 30 years of experience in environmental assessment and planning, environmental and public policy dispute resolution, inter-ethnic peacebuilding, and conflict resolution capacity building throughout the world.  Our Key Associates provide ready team members from across the globe with strong expertise and skills in conflict resolution, peacebuilding, international development and training, and share our commitment to communities that are healthy, safe and at peace.



As dictated by workload and project, ECG works with our Key Associates to create high-caliber, low-overhead project-specific teams. We draw from a broad international network of experienced mediators, trainers, peacebuilders and international development practitioners, and our focus on client service and flexible work schedules allows us to meet unique project requirements.  This greatly reduces overhead, avoids the bureaucracy and time constraints of a large organization, and thus substantially reduces time and costs for our clients. 



ECG work is backed up by strong research informing our theories of change, and participatory monitoring and evaluation that identifies the impact of our work.  Our commitment to integrity, leadership and elicitive and participatory practice allows for embracing emergence in our work without losing track of critical objectives.  Our praxis informs our training curriculums, which are developed in partnership with each client to align with their cultures and needs.


Key Associates