The Ervin Consulting Group


ECG provides nimble, innovative and cost-effective environmental assessment and CEQA/NEPA compliance with an experienced understanding of agency and stakeholder needs to small towns, cities and counties, housing authorities, affordable housing developers, brownfields/municipal infrastructure engineering firms and landscape architecture firms.

ECG provides the following CEQA and NEPA compliance services:

  • Environmental Constraints Analysis
  • Initial Studies/Negative Declarations/Mitigated Negative Declarations
  • Findings Of No Significant Impact (FONSI)
  • Environmental Assessments
  • Section 106 Compliance (Historic Preservation)
  • Executive Order 11988/11990 Compliance (Floodplains/Wetlands)
  • Tribal Consultations
  • Environmental Impact Reports / Statements
  • Preliminary Environmental Studies (Caltrans)
  • Findings and Overriding Considerations
  • Mitigation Monitoring Plans
  • Public Hearings and Presentations
  • Public notices, filings, document processing
  • CEQA/NEPA Compliance Training
  • Peer Review

ECG specializes in minimizing the environmental review process and cost for clients, and producing high quality environmental documents that have never been successfully challenged in court. With the Ervin Consulting Group, you get more than token billings from the principal to show oversight and involvement. You get a hands-on producing principal who personally authors and/or manages every product with an experienced, project-specific team, and makes client satisfaction the top priority.

In addition to the above, ECG provides extension of staff services to public agencies and other firms seeking peer review and/or professional expertise during intense project implementation periods when adding staff is not otherwise warranted.



ECG brings over 30 years of experience in environmental assessment and planning, facilitation, and public dispute resolution, specializing in redevelopment plan and project analysis, adaptive reuse of historic buildings, military base closures, housing projects, and municipal infrastructure, with special expertise in downtown and neighborhood redevelopment. Our team members are actively involved in regional, national, and international civic activities, focusing on community collaboration and conflict resolution capacity building. This professional experience uniquely complemented by our active civic involvement provides a thorough understanding of project analysis, public dispute resolution, public policy development, project management, public outreach, and development review from all perspectives.



ECG is uniquely suited to preparing high-quality environmental review services on condensed timelines. As dictated by workload and project, ECG brings on other independents or small firms to create high-caliber, low-overhead project-specific teams. We also draw from a deep understanding of and experience with urban redevelopment issues, and our focus on client service and flexible work schedules allows us to meet unique project requirements. This greatly reduces overhead, avoids the bureaucracy and time constraints of a large organization, and thus substantially reduces the time and cost of documents.



ECG documents are consistently said to be some of the most well-written and easiest to read in the industry. Having written hundreds of environmental review documents, our teams are extremely skilled in conveying the information necessary to fully inform the public and decision makers about a project’s potential effects. Our experience in redevelopment and infill issues, as well as in mediation and facilitation, uniquely qualifies us to create documents that address public and decision-maker concerns in a way that minimizes comments and legal challenges. We bring a stakeholder sensitivity to all environmental analyses that eases the public review process.


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